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Whether working late or throwing a party, with You Me Sushi London's citizens can order and enjoy delicious sushi at great prices, with their food available for delivery or pickup and an enormous range of dishes available.

With no cost for delivery sushi from this company can be ordered to cater for anything from a small, spontaneous get-together right up to a larger business party. Their menu is extensive, covering starters and sides as well as drinks and desserts, making ordering a three course takeaway superbly simple. They are open from 11am until at least 10pm seven days a week, providing sushi London will love at lunchtime or dinnertime, whichever takes the fancy of their customers.

Appetisers include delicacies such as miso soup and wafu salad, with sides of rice and sauce available. Main dishes such as nigiri, inside out rolls, futomaki and maki rolls, hand rolls, sashimi, or a variety of hot dishes are offered. On the company's easy-to-use website, after entering a London postcode, the customer can browse the previously mentioned categories to find their favourite dishes, such as Tuna Nigiri, Tempura Tiger Prawns Uramaki, or one of the many vegetarian options offered, such as Cucumber or Avocado Maki Rolls. The choices are vast, ensuring that there is something mouthwatering on the menu for every sushi-lover, available to order online.

For larger parties and meals, a range of sushi boxes and platters are also available, from as small as 12 pieces ranging right up to 128 pieces, allowing customers to cater for several mouths at a fantastic price, once again with vegetarian options. These delivery sushi platters can be great for long meetings, colleagues working to a deadline, or for friends who don't want to cook. This is a delicious, straightforward way to eat great food that does not mean ordering a fatty, tasteless takeaway.

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Delivered Sushi London

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This article was published on 2010/10/28